Dear Investors,

When I first discovered the Yourkeys platform and understood the product and service being offered, I was inspired and virtually knocked the door down to convince Craig and Riccardo to hire me.

My passion for properties and property development, naturally led me to this industry. Only two months ago, I bought a property and found the entire buying process daunting, confusing and massively out-dated. Rather than being excited and spending time enjoying my new reservation, I spent my time chasing multiple people to find out what was happening and feeling patronised and intimidated by the entire process. 

As a professional that faces clients every day, I’m a strong believer in providing an easy, pain-free journey for clients. Having experienced the pain of the buying process myself, then Yourkeys had me at “Hello”.

I come from 10+ years of Sales and Business Development, with a strong proven track record of exceeding sales targets and providing exceptional client service.

Spring of this year, I relocated myself to the UK from Hong Kong and I’m sure that will also help Yourkeys in their ambition to target Chinese speaking house buyers.  I am extremely excited to start my new journey here, with a company that I believe will be a complete game changer in the industry.

Annie Siara - Sales & Account Manager

The team at the NEC for UK Construction Week

Investor Strategy

Through working with Ran (our investor advisor) his strategic advice has been to invite investors into this EIS round, strictly on the following basis:

  1. They are existing investors, so have an automatic priority to ‘follow their money’
  2. New investors who can help to open doors to house developers
  3. Or new investors who have the financial firepower, to follow their money at the next round

The key reason is that both me and Riccardo want to focus on building the company by securing lot’s more House Developers to use our platform, rather than wasting time presenting to VC’s.

This strategy has proven to be very successful as this round was massively over-subscribed and is now closed.  Furthermore, the investors we have locked-in, meet our criteria, so we are very confident that, if we surpass our stated KPI’s, then the next round of £1M in April 2019, will be funded by our existing investors.

For those investors whom we had to reduce the amount of your investment, we are really sorry, but you will be prioritised at the next round ahead of anyone else.

A warm welcome to four new investors:

Navneet Mandhani:

Navneet has become a Non-Executive Director of Yourkeys, and represents the group of investors led by Ran.  He is a founding member of with real estate development projects in Dubai, Cyprus and London. We are already in discussions in how the YK Platform could become a global hub for property sales between multiple countries.

Prajnesh Gunneswaran: 

Prajnesh is India’s number 3 tennis player and was recently a medallist from the 2018 Indian Davis Cup and the Asian Games.

Yaser Martini

Yaser is a serial entrepreneur and investor.  His extensive property experience through Portman Square Holdings will be invaluable for his strategic advice.  He is also founder of

Saseendren Mahadeva:

Saseendren has been involved in significant property investments through his company

Craig Massey – CEO

Targeting Developers

We have had 3 x BETA clients for the last six months (Shape, Make Homes and BoultbeeLDN)

However, since launching in early Sept, we have had various meetings with a further 9 x potential clients.

From those meetings, we have secured another 7 x clients: 

Heronslea, IPE Developments, Noble Homes, Roc Homes, Mactaggart & Mickel, Stanhope, Forays Homes

So, in less than a month

The total number of confirmed House Developer Clients = 10

To put that into perspective, the target in our locked down Financial Model up to the end of 2019, (when we’re staffed with a sales and account management team of 8 x people) is a total of 35 clients which equates to 2.3 new clients won per month. So, you can see how enormous our traction is at this early stage of our growth.

Furthermore, we have secured meetings with a further 21 house developers over the next 6 x weeks.

Of the two remaining developers, we are confident that Bellway will start a pilot in Q4 2018 and Galliard a pilot in Q1 2019.  As they are huge (10,000+ units per year) then they require additional meetings to ensure all departments in the business, fully understand the scope of the pilot. The two that are a work in progress are:

Bellway: I’ve had 3 x meetings and they are likely to go live on a pilot development in the Midlands in Q4 2018 (working with Regional Director Mike Kelly)  

Galliard: We are progressing meetings to integrate our platform with Salesforce so that the data transfer is seamless and does not involve double entry

Riccardo Dawson – CPO

Other Developer Activity

On the 13th of September we attended the South East Construction Expo down in Crawley. The expo was attended by thousands of visitors and allowed us to connect with various house builders in the South East.

British Irish Trade Association – a lot of house developers are from Irish extraction.  Dan Makin (our CTO) is connected to them through his family.  Therefore, we’re now members and joining their network events to get friendly and open-up new sales opportunities.

Nick Wright

Senior Director, Strategic Consulting – CBRE

We have been having initial discussions about how we could jointly attract the Chinese market to buy UK homes. Next meeting booked for Weds 24th Oct

Sales & Marketing

As we have now started contacting House Developers, our sales and marketing campaign is being ramped up to help raise awareness of Riccardo and the Yourkeys brand.  One theme of our campaign is that 39% of all house sales fall through. This has enormous impact on the profit margins of House Developers through excessive waste of their budgets, time and salary costs.  As Yourkeys accelerates the exchange process, then we will provide a major improvement in their sales.

Our 12 week marketing plan includes the following activities:

  • 12 x Thought leadership 500 word articles
  • 2 x Case study videos from Make Homes
  • 4 x Amusing short videos using Trump and a cucumber
  • 4 x Interviews with industry stalwarts highlighting why the system is broken
  • 1 x Video of the tech functionality & benefits of the platform
  • 1 x Amusing comedy advert
  • Riccardo interviewed by major trade magazines
  • Attended the Tradeshow: UK Construction Week at the NEC
  • Sent 45 x VIP Invitations to the tradeshow using comedy Cake desk drop (see below)
  • At the tradeshow filmed Vox Pop’s of the key issues facing house developers
  • 1 x major exclusive interview with the Sunday Times: “Forget buying a house in 60 days – I bought one in 60 minutes”

Ethan Wang – Design Director

Comedy Cake

To drive home the message of the 39% of house sales falling through, we sent a VIP invitation to the UK Construction show to 45 targets from House Developers.  This was attached to a big cake with the Yourkeys branding and baking comedy puns.  To drive home the 39% wastage, we used phrases like “39% of your staff might as well loaf”.  The cake also had a big blue wedge of 39%, stating “as Yourkeys speeds up the sales process, finally, you can now have your cake and eat it and the 39% is on us” 

This marketing desk drop resulted in securing 11 meetings and us signing two confirmed clients thus far.


The Yourkeys Key-Points Video   |   Trump – Fake News Video    |    Interview with Sue Darby    |    Interview with Peter Preedy   |   Interview with Matt Thompson   |   Interview with Neil Mansfield   |   Interview with Clare Harper   |   Attention House Developers    |    39% – Cucumber Edition    |    39% – Cucumber Edition ver 2

To keep up to date with all the videos we’re creating, please subscribe to our Yourkeys YouTube channel, but in the meantime, here’s a few pics of the various videos.  The comedy advert is still in the editing suite, so watch this space, as Riccardo is about to be an online demi-god!

Blog Posts

As part of our 12 week marketing plan, we’ve created 12 x thought leadership pieces to go out weekly across our social channels and the blog section on our website. If you could click into our LinkedIn site you will find all our articles (keep scrolling to find the previous thought leadership pieces) and then feel free to go crazy with Liking and Sharing any of those articles. 

Technology and Property – Why can’t they just be friends?

How come you get the worst service, for the biggest thing you’ll ever buy in your life?

In Other News

New Office Move

This month we moved to our new office within the 2nd largest WeWork at 1 Poultry. As per usual, WeWork is über cool, with trendy design and great décor, however, they can be a little dog-matic, especially when Sushi (our team mascot) did not paws before he was hot dogging in our office dodgem car. The Puparazzi managed to get a snap, although WeWork are still barking mad (woof!)

First Founders Dinner

Finally after 18 months of huge effort, the founding team of five (Riccardo, Craig, Dan, Ethan & Shaw) marked the actual launch night of the platform with a celebration dinner. Of course, no get-together is complete without our famous ‘Piss Take Award’.  The winner of this occasion was Riccardo who won the ‘Pablo Picasso Surrealist Award’ after submitting a hideous piece of artwork (to be printed) when Ethan was on holiday.


Technical & Software Update

It’s been a busy month working on very quick iterative cycles changing how the platform works based upon receiving feedback from end-users of the platform. This usability tuning is vital to our success and Riccardo and I appreciate any and all feedback and promise that we will discuss everything that is sent our way.  If you do have feedback, please email
We’re working with a company called Hacker House who are based on the East Coast of USA.  As the name suggests, they are Ethical / Commercial hackers who been attacking our staging environment to find flaws in our software or solution architecture.  
They’ve found some issues and these are being addressed, but do not panic, this is a good thing because we’re finding problems in a controlled environment.  
Once the final list of issues are delivered, we then create a plan to remedy these, depending upon the size of the issue, within a week to a month.  Once this test/fix cycle has been completed, we will receive certification with a bill of health that our platform is fit for purpose from an Information Security perspective.
Now that our platform based MVP (Minimal Viable Product) has been delivered, our offshore team size has reduced to 6 where will be now focus on continuing with improvements based upon end-user feedback and delivery of our roadmap.

Yourkeys’ Progressive Technology & Growth 

We have engaged with a 3rd party partner to focus on the impact of progressive technology on our business and what innovations we can develop to further cement Yourkeys at the forefront of technology in the sector.
We are currently engaged in R&D experimentation with Blockchain decentralised technology and Artificial Intelligence. We believe that both of these exciting new technologies will be driving forces in the property industry moving forward.
Internal Development Team
We have hired our first full time UK based developer, Paul.  Paul will start in November and will spend time on knowledge handover from our offshore team as well as starting to implement the foundations of our exciting roadmap for 2019.  Our on-shore team will continue to expand in 2019, so if you have any friends who are looking for an exciting opportunity in 2019 and are software developers or quality assurance, please ask them to send their CV to 

Dan Makin – CTO

Mercury FX

One of our advisors Chris Shaw, introduced YK to a new potential revenue stream. Essentially Mercury FX have an efficient system of Chinese people transferring cash from China outside of the country to purchase homes overseas.  This revenue stream now makes the international buyers significantly more lucrative than UK house buyers

Shaw Tsen – Operations Director

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Investment Funds Timeline

Please Help

We currently have some vacancies in our rapidly expanding family. If you know of anyone suitable for the roles below, please download and forward them the job description, and have them send their CV to

Dynamic Sales Manager

Account Manager





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